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***ATTENTION: LAST & ATS-W Test-Takers***

As you may know, NYSTCE will be introducing new exams replacing the LAST and ATS-W in September. The CertEd prep courses for the LAST and the ATS-W have NOT been revised to correspond to the new material. We are therefore closing registration for these courses indefinitely. Registration for these CertEd prep course for the CST Multi-Subject exam remains open.

CertED offers three different online courses: LAST, ATS-W, and Multi-Subject Test . Each course gives you the game plan, strategies, and test practice you need to succeed. On demand, we stream audio/graphic lectures to your computer, showing you, step-by-step, how to pass. By taking our time-controlled practice tests, which simulate the actual NYSTCE, you'll gain an unsurpassed feel for taking the tests themselves. When you complete our courses, you are ready and prepared to score well on the multiple choice and essay questions you will find on your NYSTCE exam.

Best of all, you’ll learn at YOUR pace, according to YOUR schedule. The courses are just a click away here on the web – available when YOU want to prepare -- in your spare time, evenings, weekends, 24/7 -- whenever!

Never learned online before?

Don't be intimidated. You can do it. You got here, didn't you? Then you can learn online. Hundreds of teachers like you are doing it - and enjoying it - even those with virtually no computer experience. Our courses are as easy to move through as surfing the web - you just need headphones or speakers.

Is test prep necessary?

Isn't the ATS-W "just common sense?" Isn't the LAST "just common knowledge?" If you've heard that, don't believe it. The tests are about educational mindsets and your thinking capabilities. Read what teachers who recently passed the ATS-W and LAST say about what these tests are really about and the value of test prep.

If you are serious about passing the NYSTCE, don't bother buying the fat test prep books on the market. Most are completely out of date and useless (as anyone who has recently taken the NYSTCE knows). CertED is the only place where you'll find out exactly what to do to pass the NYSTCE. CertEd gives invaluable tips, tools, and techniques to help you excel on the NYSTCE, plus all of the practice you'll need.